More than 1,000 dead exotic animals found in California complex

More than 1,000 dead animals, including some exotic species, were found dead in a California complex on Friday. (Inland Valley Humane Society and S.P.C.A)

In a grisly discovery, more than 1,000 dead animals were found in an industrial complex in Southern California on Friday.

Reptiles, birds and fish were among the dead animals found after officers responded to a commercial building, Montclair Police Department Sgt. Minook told KTLA 5. Montclair is about 33 miles east of Los Angeles.

“There was little ventilation provided,” the Inland Valley Humane Society and S.P.C.A. said on Facebook. “Rescue Officers could not find any food or water for the birds. The warehouse was covered in feces and filled with trash.”

Around 2,000 live parakeets, chickens and others birds – including a few exotic species – were rescued from the site. Dozens of exotic fish were also saved, the Inland Humane Society said.

The owner of the birds had been arrested on unrelated offenses earlier in the week. The owner, whose name wasn’t immediately released, is now facing felony animal cruelty charges.

The investigation into the complex started on Thursday, Fox News has learned.

The Humane Society and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Montclair police and the Department of Health are all working together in the animal cruelty probe, authorities told KTLA 5.

“All of the birds are part of an ongoing investigation,” the Inland Humane Society said. “Their adoption availability is pending at this time because of the investigation.”