Five drill sergeants suspended after allegations of sexual misconduct

Fort Benning, GA – Fort Benning drill sergeants have been suspended from duty and are under investigation for alleged misconduct involving female infantry trainees, a potential blow to the Army’s efforts toward gender integration in the infantry.

The investigation stems from allegations made by a number of female trainees who were held over after the end of training, officials close to the investigation said. The sources are not identified because they are not permitted to speak on the matter publicly.

One or more of the drill sergeants from the southwest Georgia military base made what Army officials have referred to as “inappropriate contact” with the trainees, but the contact was not specified. The trainees are said to have had a number of services made available to them in the wake of the accusation, including counseling, Army chaplains, and medical care.

The investigation has expanded beyond Fort Benning to other Forces Command units where female trainees have moved to after graduation.

All five of the drill sergeants identified in the investigation belong to the 198th Inf. Bde. USAWTFM will not name the offenders as these are only allegations at the moment and the incident is under investigation.

The 198th Inf. Bde. is responsible for training infantry one station unit training, where basic training and advanced infantry training are combined into one 14 week program. It is also the first gender-integrated infantry training unit in the Army.

This story is developing.


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