Honduras Air Force aircraft crashes on building used by US personnel in Soto Cano AFB

Soto Cano AFB – At around 10 AM local time, a Honduras Air Force Let L-410 Turbolet aircraft vectored for landing on a Soto Cano AFB runway, stalled midair and ended up crashing on a base building serving as the BN HQ for 1-228th AVN.

The crash resulted in the deaths of pilot CPT Flores Meraz FAH, copilot LT Banegas Korea FAH and critically injuring the flight engineer. All three are officers with the Honduras Air Force.

According to sources no US personnel were injured.

Due to the location of the crash that happened on the US area of the base, US personnel where the first to reach the site. They immediately attempted to extract and administer life-saving first aid to the victims. Unfortunately CPT Meraz died on impact while his copilot succumbed to his wounds soon after. The flight engineer is listed in critical condition.

An investigation is underway To determine the cause of the accident.

Soto Cano AFB Houses Joint Task Force-Bravo one of two task forces under United States Southern Command. JTF-Bravo operates a forward, all-weather day/night C-5-capable air base, organizes multilateral exercises and supports, in cooperation with our partner nations, counter transnational organized crime, humanitarian assistance/disaster relief efforts and the development of partner capacities, to promote regional cooperation and security in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Story was updated to reflect that the building was in use by U.S. Army personnel