Remembering 1SG Peter “Drew” McKenna

Remembering 1SG Peter “Drew” McKenna that made the ultimate sacrifice 2 years ago today defending Camp Integrity, Afghanistan during a complex VBIED attack.

He was a dear friend and mentor to many and is described by his peers as personifying every single positive characteristic that Special Forces guys wished they exemplified. He was caring, empathetic, remarkable at everything he did, an amazing shooter, and above a guy you could always turn to.

Retired Master Sgt. Chris Corbin, who served with McKenna was quoted by the Army Times saying for Drew:

“He was doing what a special operator should,” Corbin said of his friend. “He heard a boom, he heard small arms, he kitted up, he grabbed his long gun, and he and another friend of ours, who was injured, they were side-by-side dealing death. That’s just Drew. There’s dozens of times he’s done stuff like that.” Corbin lost both legs below the knee in 2011 when he stepped on a buried IED in Afghanistan.

Corbin added that Andrew got him through his own recovery.

“He stayed with me, for weeks, literally, up at Walter Reed,” said Corbin. “Every time I opened my eyes from whatever surgery or medication, Drew was right there. He’s that guy you can count on.”

At the time, Drew was based at Fort Bragg, in North Carolina, but routinely made the five-hour drive to be with Corbin in Bethesda, Maryland.

Eight contracted Afghan civilians also died in the attack while 2 more U.S. servicemen were seriously wounded.

1SG McKenna was assigned to 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne).