Senior Army Special Operations Officer Charged With Felony Assault

Fort Bragg,NC – A senior officer assigned to a unit under the secretive Army Special Operations Command is in hot water after being hit with 2 charges connected to a June assault, USAWTFM has learned.

A screenshot taken at the North Carolina’s court system website listing LTC Christensen as the defendant

Lt. Col. Mark Christensen, the deputy commander of the 95th Civil Affairs Bde, headquartered at Fort Bragg, was charged with assault on a female, a misdemeanor, and assault by strangulation, a felony, according to court records.

Sources close to the investigation tell USAWTFM that the victim was an adult female, rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Christensen.

Maj. Beth Riordan, a spokesman for the 1st Special Forces Command, confirmed Christensen’s service with the Army.

“We take allegations of personal misconduct seriously and this case is currently under investigation,” Riordan said via an emailed statement. “In order to protect the legal process we will not release any information until the investigation is complete.”

Although Army policy regarding the release of information is clear regarding service confirmation, including duty titles, units of assignment, and military specialty, the unit refused to provide further details. After being pressed to confirm Christensen’s position in the unit, Riordan replied via e-mail “We aren’t interested in providing any additional information on the matter.”

Christensen was selected for advancement to the next rank, colonel, in 2016. With an investigation underway, however, any promotion would be held by the Army until the investigation is complete. If cleared of all charges, Christensen would likely receive his promotion.

If found guilty, however, it is likely the Army would rescind the promotion, prompting Christensen to retire.

The lieutenant colonel is not the highest level officer charged with a potential career-ending crime in the past month. On August 11, Col. Shana E. Peck, the commander of the 11th Air Defense Artillery Bde. at Fort Bliss, Texas, was suspended from her command for driving while intoxicated in New Mexico.