2 paratroopers crash into home and tree in Ft. Mitchell

RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. — Tense moments for two Fort Benning paratroopers in Russell County. That’s where officials confirm the two trainees landed in a not-so-normal way. One of them landing on a house.

Wednesday, the Fort Benning paratroopers took part in an airborne training exercise near Fort Mitchell’sFryar Field (commonly referred to as “Fryar Drop Zone”), where all of the training jumps are accomplished. Fryar Field is named after Private Elmer E. Fryar of the United States Army’s 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions in World War II. Officials with the Russell County Emergency Management Agency say things took a turn for the worse when two of the trainees landed in a neighborhood.

According to Bob Franklin, the EMA Director, one of the troopers landed on top of a home, another landed in a tree near Honeysuckle Way in Fort Mitchell. Franklin says, the wind is believed to be the cause of both incidents.

Thankfully, both paratroopers walked away with no injuries. Representatives with Fort Benning Public Affairs are also weighing in to News 3. They say, this kind of training lasts for three weeks, and all 300 paratroopers must land five jumps, before passing airborne training.

We’re told, those leading the jump exercises monitor the winds and if the winds do not pose a risk at that time then exercises will take place. Representatives say, part of training deals with learning how to react, if a landing doesn’t go as planned.

Representatives with Fort Benning Public Affairs add, it’s always a risk jumping out of any aircraft. They say because of this there are extensive back up plans in place as safety precautions.