Fort Bragg Top Cop Suspended from Duty

Fort Bragg, NC – The top law enforcement official at North Carolina’s largest military installation has been suspended pending the results of an internal investigation, according to multiple sources in the unit.

Col. Larry Dewey has served as commander of Fort Bragg’s 16th Military Police Bde. since July.

A spokesman from 18th Airborne Corps, which is the parent unit of the brigade, confirmed the suspension but decline to provide further details.

“The commander of the 16th Military Police Brigade, was administratively suspended from duty Oct. 19 pending the outcome of an investigation. The Brigade deputy commander, will take charge of the unit until the investigation is concluded. No further information will be released until the investigation is concluded.”

Multiple anonymous sources interviewed by USAWTFM indicated the investigation centers around the appearance of a cover-up of a drug-related offense. It was not immediately clear if the drug offense was connected to Col. Dewey or not.

Sources within the unit indicated that Dewey, while suspended from command, was only recently flagged from favorable personnel actions as required under Army regulation 600-8-2.

Section 3 of the regulation states that “suspension of favorable personnel actions is mandatory when an investigation (formal or informal) is initiated on a soldier by military or civilian authorities. Flags are classified into the two categories described below, depending upon the specific action or investigation.”

The unit declined to comment on USAWTFM’s repeated queries as why it took 18 days after his suspension from duty to flag Col. Dewey, citing privacy of personnel administrative actions.

Dewey is the second high-profile suspension of an Army brigade commander recently. In August, Col. Shana Peck was suspended from her post at Fort Bliss, Texas, after a drunk driving arrest in New Mexico.