Military Police Colonel Under Investigation Part Two

Sí this José. I sorry I be away so long but USAWTFM wasn’t pay so good so I had to get alternate source of income. But they come into money so I back full time now. I hear at glorious Ft. Bragg where everything including the dancers on Bragg bldv is Airborne qualified.

But this report is about corruption at the almost highest levels and will shake the public’s trust in those who are sworn to protect. That’s right, I’m referring to the 16th MP BDE leadership. While I know this no apply to everybody who works the road at Bragg, but unfortunately, you’re about to be profile. I sorry up front but my report must go on.

One lonely night the MP desk gets a call about a possible illegal substance out at a gate. Half of Ft. Bragg’s finest show up and see a sizable amount of weed in a jar and paraphernalia on the vehicle. MPs do what they do and talk to the gate guard personnel to get the skinny and then go to interview. Wouldn’t you know it, but it is no other than the Brigade Commander’s son.

Frantic calls were made to COL Dewey about the situation and he quickly materialized at the gate. So far so good, everything in order…until now. MPs notified the SOG that they would take care of the incident. By take care of the incident, I mean that the “Baby” Dewey left driving his own car following COL Dewey in one direction. The MPs with all the weed and paraphernalia left in the other direction. I give you a guess, but they didn’t meet up at the PMO later.

USAWTFM queried a different law enforcement agency and they confirmed that COL Dewey’s son is not in the system for any drug related incidences, or any incidences the night in question. Whispers around the donut stall in the PMO say the weed is somewhere in Area J. In “un-related” news, there’s been a spike of Airborne Troopers working on their land nav skills in Area J….

A few days later, COL Dewey’s conscious gets the better of him and he confesses his sins to his DCO. The DCO promptly reports its to 18th Airborne Corps HQ and an “investigation” begins. COL Dewey is seen hanging out at Corps HQ while his unit thinks he’s ‘on vacay’.

I talked to some personnel who had carnal knowledge of the situation when it started it up and they told me that nothing will happen “COLs are well connected” and he’ll soon return to command. They may be well connected but when CID gets involved and discovers that the video of the of the incident and all the logs from the gate (along with the weed) have disappeared…..that’s right, ALL the physical evidence of the encounter has up and vanished. That’s not the only thing shady that’s been going on either. Apparently 16th MP BDE needs a visit from Human Resources Command on how to do a DA Form 268 on a COL because it took 17 days for the organization to flag him.

Although, CID is still investigating this case, this just proves that rank has its benefits and pleasures. If this was any other rank besides COL or higher, they would have been removed with the public tar session being prepared. But since it’s one of the elites, well we gotta take care of our own. ESPECIALLY if it’s the senior MP on the post, what would everybody say if they knew he broke the law. Until senior leaders have the courage to do what’s right for the organization there will always be the layer of mistrust that there really is segregation within the ranks.

This is José reporting live for USAWTFM!