Jose reporting from Ku..wait what?!

Sí, I José, I here in glorious Kuwait where the usual fight is whether or not Kuwait a real deployment. But that a report for another time. I here to talk about one of the units currently providing strategic security for Army Central Command. Ok Ok, I lie, they all waiting for CJTF-OIR to call them up to the big leagues. The BC for 1-37 was one of the lucky ones to get called up the big leagues, but in his absence, things have begun to run awry as the XO takes the opportunity to exact his brand of leadership.

Like most good XOs, he’s dating a 5/8” socket wrench and has a GCCS-A next to his bed to keep him warm at night. But it appear he been sniffing too much CLP as he give some unorthodox guidance for what is mission ready and what. For example a tank with a broke machine gun, missing wheel and suspension arm and tank commander station that just swings around and won’t lock is somehow considered ready for battle.

There’s one company in particular…um rhymes with Farvo, has taken to the XO’s style of leadership and has gone off grid. From regular company recalls because a water bottle was left on a tank to routinely working on the scheduled day off nothing is sacred….like Thanksgiving. Soldiers are required “encouraged” to enroll in the local ‘bandit’ university to learn about weapon systems they won’t use in their careers. Senior NCOs who are bored because they don’t have anything to do have been seen hazing junior NCOs on minor things under the auspices of “leadership”

What started out as a running joke of taking a bullet to get out of the unit is no longer being said in a laughing matter. I talk to a few joes who can’t believe how bad it got once the BC went north. Many have openly asked when is he coming back. Several people asked me if I had some army candy on me aka motrin. When I ask why, they tell me that their PA is about as useful as owning a snowblower in Kuwait. When I ask for example, they said PA no see people who have permanent profiles for chronic pain. Something to the effect that “they are already getting disability for it, seeing me isn’t going to make it go higher”. That Mafia currently has it at 20-1 that the PA shows up if someone dies.

Will the battalion commander kill ISIS quick enough to come back and save his battalion or will the wheels literally fall off. This is José reporting live for USAWTFM!