3-73 CSM under investigation; José keeps uncovering things and there is no end in sight

Sí this José, I hear at Fort Bragg, home of the mighty 82d Airborne and I unfortunately still have to report Sharky’s is still closed… I guess they just slip away too.

But I hear investigating some grievous allegations, actions by a senior member of the squadron and general fuckery and good ole boy club segregation not seen since 3CR. By senior I mean the CSM, a one CSM Clinton Murray. It seem he in a mess of trouble these days. Nothing better than being deployed and sent back over sexual assault investigation and given a no contact order with your unit!

But CSM’s reach and influence is not to be discounted, seeing how he no derogatory information in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) even though an investigation was opened before Thanksgiving!

I got me some WhatsApp numbers and talk to some people in the squadron and word on street is that S2 no want to put paperwork in because it cause blackeye for unit. I guess he should go back to Intel school, cause he should have seen this coming. I talk my cousin who work at 82nd and he say the hot talk at division was that CSM trying to rapidly put his retirement packet in. I no think that how it works.

But they other debauchery go on in Afghanistan, and I no talk about Thursdays…I talk to several people who say males that mess up, like get caught sleeping with someone else, are sent back to go to pre-ranger course regardless if they can pass or not. This so they “can work it out” back home. But no one really catch it because of decree made every soldier go to pre-ranger or they need to find another job (I get it, you used to be in the Batt, but you can no make Cav like you glory days). But I little confused, cause the CSM no Ranger qualified.

So even though unit is short on warfighters, and they are or they no bring all they mechanics forward under guise of “working on trucks” even though they no authorized to work on MRAP MAXXPRO so they went on combat missions to round out numbers. But if you one of CSM’s boys he overlook that whole body fat PT test thingy. But when the rear discovers CSM’s boy can’t pass a PT test and tapes out like Jabba the Hutt, they can no flag him because CSM step in and order them not too.

But then CSM always be sweet on girls, he made sure the unit’s public affairs reps were good looking girls and always had them around him. I wonder if that went for the SCO’s spouse since she was illegally made an admin of the unit’s official FB page until higher find out and made her quit.

But not following rules seem to be common because they be deleting pictures (See the attached picture. I believe it said something about eating Thanksgiving with the troops….but then empty seats tho) and posts that may have portrayed things that would have raised eyebrows AND were paying FB to promote they page (Psss, don’t worry guys, I get you all kinds of attention now).

But is seem that there is segregation going on as well. Almost like a caste setting. I give a couple of example but they lots more. If you are a new LT to the unit, if you no have a ranger tab, no matter the reason, you no go forward. But if you have one you welcome with open arms.

Or if a female get pregnant downrange, she get to get out under the pregnancy clause (which the HR experts say she could get back in) but the male get booted out under misconduct and can’t get back in. I could go on and on about how 3/4 of senior leaders in the squadron have been under investigation or how officers get local letters of reprimand for a ND but enlisted get UCMJ? USFOR-A send me so much stuff, I had to pick and choose.

Can the unit hold it together until they redeploy? Will they be mass job openings because people don’t want to be forced to go to schools they no want when the position no require it? Will USFOR-A help 3-73 pack so they can get out of the AO faster? Will shenanigans continue to be dealt with uneveningly? Will 82d have to step and grab the slip assist loop and steer the unit back on course?

This is José reporting live for USAWTFM!