Army changes Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) for recruiting

There is a lot of discussion and concern surrounding the changes to the SDAP entitlements that take effect on 1 October 2018. As a result, we decided to look into this situation.

From what we can piece together, both USAREC and TRADOC’s former leadership teams were OK with SDAP being removed for the majority of recruiters outside daily production recruiters. When the SDAP changes were staffed at the beginning of this year, the USAREC Command Team supported the removal of the SDAP from everyone minus the single population. Furthermore, their appearance in front of the entitlement panel asked for this change and to allow the production recruiters to receive the same SDAP entitlement that is paid to the SMA. These changes had to be endorsed in a formal memorandum signed by the USAREC CG.

The formal changes to the SDAP policies were published by the Army in a memorandum dated 27 July 2018. Those changes were coordinated with each Army Command and Army Service Component Command Program Managers. After that formal staffing, the leadership within both TRADOC and USAREC changed. The new Command Teams do not appear to support this initiative. GEN Townsend, TRADOC, addressed this issue both publicly and privately along with MG Muth and CSM Gavia, USAREC. Collectively, they appear to understand the damage to the morale and productivity that such a change in policy will have.

In response to GEN Townsend’s request, the Army announced that the SDAP implementation memorandum will not be rescinded. However, the TRADOC and USAREC command teams will be afforded the opportunity to present their case to the entitlement panel in hopes of amending this policy change. The panel will be conducted soon but no formal date is established at the time of publication.

Stay tuned…