Friday, August 18, 2017
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    Soldier Arrested after Shooting Spree Following Drunken Orgy

    FORT BLISS, Texas — A soldier was arrested and more than 21 underage soldiers and civilians were apprehended for questioning by Military Police and...

    Scores of Fort Bliss soldiers arrested during wild party

    With breaking news, we go live to José who’s reporting from Ft. Bliss. José, what’s going on down there? Si, this is José. I down...

    Ex-Fort Carson soldier sentenced to life without parole in escort slaying

    An El Paso County jury deliberated for less than two hours this week before convicting an ex-Fort Carson soldier in the brutal slaying of...

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    CIA warned Barcelona about terror threat, report says

    The CIA warned local police in Barcelona two months ago that the city’s popular tourist area, Las Ramblas, could be the target of a terrorist attack just...