Wednesday, June 19, 2019

CW1 with 22 years about to take a pay cut

It’s all good being a CW1 in the military until you reach 22 years time in service then for the next you years you...

Well that’s one way to get A/C

Red Neck Ingenuity at Fort Gordon PX parking lot

Rear Ended a Humvee

Some dumbass rear ended a humvee at the gate from Wheeler to Schofield. I took a picture.

Morale Cake

Our Flight Company had a Friday potluck for the night shift. "It's a helfire right?!"

Salty First Sergeant

Guy is always badmouthing his Soldiers and leadership. Thinks he's the greatest Soldier to ever live. Time he gets a slice of humble pie.

When You Miss a Step Securing a Container

Someone forgot to secure a container on the back of an LHS here at Fort Bliss. This is why we have safety briefs all...

When You Meant to Text Your Wife

"I was trying to send a playful text to my wife at the grocery store and I accidentally sent it to the group chat...

Seems Like a Good Use of Our Time…

Received this gem in the company FRAGO this afternoon.

The Calm Before the Storm

Finally found this young Private after an hour of searching. He's about to wake up to a nightmare of smoking.

When Movers say, “Fuck Your TV”

As I was driving into our housing area today, one of the many moving trucks was in front of me. I noticed something weird...

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Soldier Saves Man’s Life with Hoodie, Ink Pen…except, he didn’t

The story was ready-made for an Army public affairs splash – “hero soldier uses ingenuity, hoodie, and an ink pen to save man’s life.”...

Doctor caught dyeing his patient’s genitals now practices at Fort Polk

A former Mesa County, Colorado gynecologist who dyed a patient's vagina purple in what he called a "joke" has avoided jail time as part...

Legal and ethical questions surround rapping recruiter’s viral video

2018 has been a tough year for U.S. Army Recruiting Command. After failing to meet the fiscal year recruiting mission at the end of...