Monday, January 27, 2020

Jose reporting from Ku..wait what?!

Sí, I José, I here in glorious Kuwait where the usual fight is whether or not Kuwait a real deployment. But that a report for another time. I here to talk about one of the units currently providing strategic security for Army Central Command. Ok Ok, I lie, they all waiting for CJTF-OIR to call […]

557th MP CO Leadership Fail : When Predators Hide Behind Rank

Sí, this is José . I currently in the land of kimchee and soju, where the juicy girls are too juicy and the Katusas…not so much. But I uncover a story so profound, so astonishing and so crass that the ancient Romans would applaud the debauchery. My report centers around the toxic, incompetent, predatory climate […]

Civil Affairs Climate Survey Reveals Actual Feedback – Command goes nuts

Well I start by saying sorry…been hitting the bottle pretty hard after that last misfire, but fate smiled on me as I drowning my sorrows at BDUBs. I ran across a CPT who was saucing it up pretty good. Turns out he’s a Civil Affairs officer that was celebrating a climate survey that had become […]

USAWTFM continues investigating 232nd Med. Bn. ; it only gets worse

With an update to yesterday’s bombshell of the 232d Medical BN, we go back to José. Jose, what’s going on down there. Si, I still José. I be extremely busy the last 24 hours as my inbox has blown up with current and former students and cadre from 232d emailing me with stories and experiences. […]

Jose reporting live from the 232d Medical BN in Fort Sam Houston

With an update on the flashpoint known as the 232d Medical BN, we go live to José. Si, this is José. I be down here in San Antonio all weekend talking to Joes, “almost Joes” and some brave cadre and staff and I learn many things. While I understand that basic training and AIT are […]

Fort Polk chlorine bomb incident recap and new information

Sí, this is José. I down here at the chlorine central, I mean Ft. Polk were the events over the last 24 hours have been extraordinary. It all started when some FISTers were out doing some training and saw a dude literally blow up something in the woods in the vicinity of Rosepine. FISTers know their […]

Fort Eustis watercraft class caught cheating – witch hunt to find Jose continues

With an update on the watercraftgate news story from a few days ago we go back live to José, Jose? Si I still José. As I reported the other day, an entire class of warrant-not-so-much officers got caught cheating on a test and the school was trying to figure out what kind of response they […]

Happening now : TDY from hell courtesy of the 101st

I hear at Fort Huachuca where Soldiers and NCOs of 3BCT, 101st Airborne Division are currently experiencing the TDY from hell. It all started last week when our heroes were told that they had to go to Huachuca for 35 days for some training, and since a majority of them didn’t have a GTC that […]

An entire watercraft class caught cheating – Wait the Army has boats?!

Si this José. I am here at Eustis school particularly the watercraft operator course, which I now call #Watercraftgate. I give it “gate” status because an entire class of warrants was caught cheating on a test during their course. Not 3 or 4, the entire fucking class gave the Army the middle finger and said […]

Purple Heart and Defense of Freedom ceremony for the victims of the 5 November 2009 shooting

Si this is José. I’m here at the great place where III Corps conducted a Purple Heart and Defense of Freedom ceremony for the victims of the 5 November 2009 shooting. Massive turnout today as Senators, SECARMY, General Officers, the Governor of Texas, family members and many more attended the ceremony to honor the fallen […]

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