Monday, January 27, 2020

Program Schedule

  • Sunday: DONSA
  • Monday: The Monday Edition with Ice
  • Tuesday: Tied Up Tuesday with Minx and Grey Cloud
  • Wednesday: DONSA
  • Thursday: Sergeant’s Time with Ice, Doc Madness, Grey Cloud, and Mike Golf
  • Friday: Friday Night Freedom with Minx
  • Saturday: Saturday Night Savagery with Jready and Pooky

All shows start at 2000 Eastern.

WTF Nation Radio is the award winning radio station of US Army WTF Moments. Since its inaugural broadcast on March 7, 2015, WTF Nation Radio has produced over a thousand live radio broadcasts, video broadcasts, and podcasts. Made up of a staff of active duty personnel, veterans, and even one military spouse, WTF Nation Radio has grown to bring its audience live shows seven nights a week.

The WTF Nation Radio Mission Statement

“WTF Nation Radio will strive to provide the members of the active duty and veteran community, along with civilian supporters of our community, with a place to gather with their brothers and sisters. We will serve our community by providing our brothers and sisters relevant news, information, and entertainment. We will serve our community by providing our brothers and sisters with assistance by standing by them in times of crisis, by helping them up when they fall, and by connecting them with others who may be of service in times of need.”

Notable Guests

The WTF Nation Radio hosts have had the privilege of having as their guests some of the finest supporters and members of the active duty and veteran community. Representatives of military service organizations, comedians, actors and musicians have all been our guests. Some noteworthy guests include:

  • Medal of Honor recipient Captain Florent Groberg, US Army Retired.
  • Actor, director, producer, and military adviser Captain Dale Dye, US Marine Corps Retired (Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Range 15).
  • Actor Erik Stolhanske (Super Troopers, Beerfest).
  • Professional skateboarder and rallycross driver Busky Lasek.
  • Actor, director, and writer Ross Patterson (Range 15, FDR: American Badass!).
  • Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, Nick Palmisciano, Mindy Robinson, Vincent Vargas, Mary Dague, and Jack Mandaville (Range 15 cast).
  • Green Beret and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy.
  • Five time UFC champion and former Army sergeant Randy Couture.

And many, many more.